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The Penguin /Cradle walk travels south from Mountain Valley. The walk climbs Brooke’s Track to the summit of Black Bluff Mt ( 1339m) and for a day hike is a 6 hr return walk on the way it passes Paddys Lake a 4 hr return walk. The walk travels along the Black Bluff MT Range on its way to Cradle Mt a two day walk. Black Bluff Mt sits prominently above the river valley of Loongana it can carry a lot of snow through winter and is always the first mountain visible with snow from the North West coast. Paddys Lake has never been bottomed and is a pretty glacial formed lake described by early settlers as ‘a jewel dropped from the sky’ Tasmanian mountain shrimp (anaspides) can be found in the lake. These shrimp are a left over from 250 million years, a living fossil. Views are extensive from here across the North West of Tasmania. Black Bluff Mt is the highest mountain protruding into the north west corner of Tasmania. From the summit 360’ views can be seen from Cradle Mt and Mt Ossa ( the highest in Tasmania ) to Mt Roland and the great western tiers over to Ben Lomond Mt Arthur and Mt Barrow in the north east . The flora of Back Bluff is typical of the highland areas of Tasmania in late spring early summer can present a spectacular alpine garden.

This is a 5 day walk starting at Penguin on the coast travelling through the Dial Range , Gunns Plains, Leven Canyon, Loongana, over Black Bluff Mt range through to Cradle Mt. Overnight accommodation can be included at Wings Wildlife Park in Gunns Plains and Mountain Valley on route. Detailed information on the walk can be found on the North West bushwalking clubs website www.nwwc.org.au/penguin_cradle_disclaimer.htm