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The Penguin /Cradle walk passes through the property of Mountain Valley Walking north will take you to the Leven Canyon This can also be reach by car from the main Loongana Rd. The Leven river flows through 300m high cliffs Many thousands of years ago there was a big slip of the western cliffs which blocked the path of the river forming a large elongated lake that encompassed the low lying areas of Loongana flooding the property now known as MOUNTAIN VALLEY. Over time a 800m new path was cut by the river thus draining the valley of Loongana .A 20 minute return walk from a car park will take you to a lookout 275 m above the roaring Leven river. The views from here are quite extensive taking in the coast to the north and mountains to the south. From the lookout the obvious path of the river as it has cut its way through the canyon cliffs can be viewed with a good overall look at the canyon.

The canyon floor walk takes you to the floor of the canyon to a foot bridge at Hells Gates over the new path of the river You can continue on to the devils elbow where the new bed of the river rejoins the old . From here the walk continues on to Gunns Plains at the other end of the canyon. This requires an overnight camp .

This is a 5 day walk starting at Penguin on the coast travelling through the Dial Range , Gunns Plains, Leven Canyon, Loongana, over Black Bluff Mt range through to Cradle Mt. Overnight accommodation can be included at Wings Wildlife Park in Gunns Plains and Mountain Valley on route. Detailed information on the walk can be found on the North West bushwalking clubs website www.nwwc.org.au/penguin_cradle_disclaimer.htm